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structural design
corrugated box made to look like a sni valley fire ambulance
Home // structural design The Ambulance Box When the Sni Valley Fire Dept. came to us seeking boxes to launch their new teddy bear hospital program, we knew they would need something out of the ordinary. A plain brown box simply wouldn’t cut it. The box needed to serve two purposes. It needed act as...
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Home // structural design When ordering packaging, you will likely be asked about the weight of your product. You may even be asked if you have a specific corrugated flute you would prefer for your packaging. Corrugated board, often mistakenly called cardboard, comes in a variety of board grades, and these questions help designers determine...
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Printing plates, cutting dies, what are they?
Home // structural design One aspect of purchasing packaging is often confusing to newcomers: printing plates and cutting dies. When you get your quote, you may notice extra charges for these items… but what are they? No worries, here’s a quick overview! the steel rules on a cutting die cut and score board the same...
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