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cardboard vs corrugated
Home // Tips & Guides The cardboard box: a term almost as ubiquitous as the simple brown boxes it refers to. Except… those brown boxes aren’t actually cardboard. When speaking with a packaging manufacturer you will hear a lot of terms thrown around — but what do they actually mean? And what is the difference...
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Home // Tips & Guides When ordering packaging, you will likely be asked about the weight of your product. You may even be asked if you have a specific corrugated flute you would prefer for your packaging. Corrugated board, often mistakenly called cardboard, comes in a variety of board grades, and these questions help designers...
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Printing plates, cutting dies, what are they?
Home // Tips & Guides One aspect of purchasing packaging is often confusing to newcomers: printing plates and cutting dies. When you get your quote, you may notice extra charges for these items… but what are they? No worries, here’s a quick overview! the steel rules on a cutting die cut and score board the...
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a package containing a vase with a fragile label and filled with packing peanuts
Home // Tips & Guides You’ve done your research. You found your niche, mastered your marketing, and developed a great product that customers are clamoring for. Now only one question remains… how do you get it to them? Shipping products to customers can be intimidating, and shipping fragile items adds another layer of complexity. After...
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pantone color book
Home // Tips & Guides What is Flexographic Printing? Affordable, efficient and versatile, Flexographic (flexo) printing remains a key printing process over 130 years after its inception. It can print on a wide variety of substrates, from corrugated board to metallic surfaces. But it is perhaps best known for its use in the packaging sector....
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Roll-End-Tuck-Front mailer how to fold
Home // Tips & Guides RETF Mailer Box Your browser does not support the video tag. About this Box Style: Roll End Tuck Front (RETF) Mailer boxes are some of the most common e-commerce mailers out there and with good reason. These boxes allow for a stellar unboxing experience, and can provide great protection for...
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1-2-3-Bottom box how to fold
Home // Tips & Guides 1-2-3 Bottom Box Your browser does not support the video tag. About this Box Style: 1-2-3 bottom boxes, also known as snap lock boxes, allow for easy assembly without the need to tape the bottom of the box. They can be configured with a wide variety of top styles and...
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Swing-In-Rollover mailer how to fold
Home // Tips & Guides SWIRO Mailer Box Your browser does not support the video tag. About this Box Style: Swing in Rollover (SWIRO) Mailer boxes, also called “indestructo” boxes, are some of the toughest mailers out there. They can be modified with a large variety of tabs, locks, and closures to ensure product protection...
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