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Boosting Brand Recognition Through Packaging Design

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When thinking of ways to boost brand recognition, many businesses turn to large marketing campaigns, billboards, or social media ads. But what if one of the key ways to get more people to remember your brand was hiding in plain site? Your packaging acts a mini billboard for your product and brand. In fact, according to a 2018 study, 72% of consumers agreed that the design of a product’s packaging often influences their purchase decisions. But how do you make sure your packaging is making the right impression? Here’s how to turn your packaging into one of your biggest brand ambassadors.

black and white graphic design for labels

Brand Consistency

From the classic red and white script font of Coca Cola, to the classy minimalism of Tiffany’s blue box, brand consistency provides both an identification system and a connection to a brand’s key values. In fact, a 2019 study showed that consistent brand presentation increased revenue by 33%. Try to keep your branding consistent across your packaging, website, and social media. Pick a memorable color scheme and use the same style of messaging and imagery. A strong visual identity will help consumers recognize your brand across product offerings and channels, and learn to associate your brand with the qualities you want to convey.

Stand Out from the Crowd

However, repeated exposure to your brand doesn’t mean much if your brand isn’t making a good impression. With thousands of products to choose from, consumers need a reason to select YOUR brand. Your packaging is often the first impression consumers have of your product. Make it count. Help your product stand out from the crowd with: 

  • Unique shapes
  • Memorable color schemes
  • Bold design choices
  • Eye-catching imagery

See what other competitors in your market are doing, and look for opportunities to set yourself apart. If your competition is full of graphics-heavy designs with muted color schemes, consider if a bold minimalist design with a few vivid colors might also appeal to your target audience. Or, if there is a particular box style that saturates your market, perhaps a custom-designed box would give your product an edge. Your brand and product are unique. Make sure your packaging reflects this.

Make it Reusable

It can be tempting to think of packaging as a one-off experience. Sure it helps the customer decide on a product and makes it more memorable, but after the product has been unpacked it has served its purpose. But what if there was still more your packaging could offer? Making your packaging reusable helps the environment, increases brand recognition, and provides an opportunity to advertise to people beyond the original consumer. From boxes that can be turned into robots, to attractive packaging that can be reused for storage, there are many ways to transform single-use packaging into a memorable experience or a part of your customers’ daily lives. And with good branding, anytime your reused package is shared on social media or seen by the customers’ friends and family, your brand gets free advertising.

Two boxes, one open, one closed, outsides shows reversed out white print, inside shows black print on kraft

Craft an Experience

Crafting an experience can greatly improve your brand recognition. This is especially important for e-commerce brands, where consumers may not see your packaging until they are ready to unbox it. Consider using a custom insert to proudly present your product. Or use eye-catching inside print for an unexpected pop of color. Being intentional in how your product is unboxed can do wonders for customer excitement and social sharing. In 2014, Google calculated that it would take over 7 years to view all of the videos on YouTube with “unboxing” in the title that where uploaded just that year. And that number has only grown since then.

Whether unboxing your product for the first time, seeing it on the shelf, or sharing it on social media, your packaging plays a key role in your customers’ impression of your brand. Crafting a unique experience and using consistent eye-catching branding can help ensure that it’s a good one. Your product and brand have a unique story to tell. Make sure your packaging reflects that story. 

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