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Community Highlight: Veterans Community Project

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A custom tall floorstand BBQ POP display design with text 'Veterans Community Project Bravo Bravo Que'
two bbq sauce boxes with text 'Bravo Bravo Que' and flavors KC smoke and Texas Black pepper

The Need: Custom Display Design for BBQ Sauces

When Veteran’s Community Project first approached us with the need for a POP display to showcase their new BBQ sauces, we knew the project presented a unique challenge: the weight of the BBQ sauces. This was complicated by the fact that they needed their display to be tall and thin, rather than short and wide. Too little support on the shelves, and the sauces would collapse. Make the display too top-heavy, and it could topple over. With these concerns in mind, we began designing.

The Solution

The final display ended up utilizing extra shelf support, a sleek header to add extra height without the topple risk, and a lower graphics panel that doubled as a way to conceal additional product. The final result? A display that stands out from the pack, while providing the right amount of support and durability.

a close up of the bottom of the display, the bottom graphics panel opens up to reveal hidden boxes of product

More About Veterans Community Project

VCP is a Kansas City non-profit dedicated to eliminating veteran homelessness. Founded by a group of combat Veterans in KC, they provide critical relief services to veterans in need though their Veteran Outreach Center and VCP village. All proceeds from their new Bravo Bravo Que BBQ sauces go to support their mission. Learn more about them at veteranscommunityproject.org, or check out Bravo Bravo Que at bravobravoque.com!

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