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Community Highlight: Sni Valley Fire Department Teddy Bear Hospital

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corrugated box made to look like a sni valley fire ambulance

The Ambulance Box

When the Sni Valley Fire Dept. came to us seeking boxes to launch their new teddy bear hospital program, we knew they would need something out of the ordinary. A plain brown box simply wouldn’t cut it. The box needed to serve two purposes. It needed act as an informational tool about the program, but also as a fun item for the children entrusting it with their favorite plushies.

Working with Sni Valley Fire, we came up with the end product: an ambulance box. The box sported custom graphic design to make it look like Sni Valley Fire’s ambulances. We used cute, simplified graphics and bright colors to match the program’s playful mission. We then another panel to the bottom of the box. It explained the program in simple words complete with illustrations to help children and their parents understand what to expect when sending over their bears. The back of the “ambulance” would also fold open to allow plushies to ride safely inside, and a tab lock would keep them secure during their journey. The completed boxes provided a layer of fun to the program and helped children and parents feel at ease sending their teddies to the program.

About the Program

The Sni Valley Fire Department created their teddy hospital program to add joy to the community they serve. Children send in their damaged plushies to the “hospital” and get them back fixed up and ready for more adventures. Families submit an intake form noting the plushy’s name and issue and receive doctors notes when they return. Volunteers help keep the program running, donating their time to help with the teddy bear repair. For more info or to see how you can help, contact them at teddybearhospital@snivalleyfire.org. Or, for more info on Sni Valley Fire and their programs, follow them on their Facebook page!

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