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What is your minimum order?

On custom orders we can manufacture as few as 25 boxes up to 25 million. We are a company that values our clients, large or small. Because of this we have built a customer base as diverse as entrepreneurial startups to many national brands. Minimum quantities for stock boxes can be seen on our list of stock items in the Products tab.

How do I communicate what size box I need?

Helpful information to have when calling is: what the item you are packaging is, the size and weight of the product, if you need a retail package or shipping packaging only, if the package will need to be printed, and if your product will be shipped one at a time (UPS/FedEx) or in a pallet load. Even if you don’t have all of these answers, give our customer service department a call, and they will be happy to help you select the right package for your individual needs.

What is your typical lead time?

For custom orders not requiring tooling (Print plates or cutting dies) we like to have 7 to 10 days lead time. If tooling is required, the delivery date will depend on how soon the tooling can be delivered to our facility.

What is tooling and how much does it cost?

Tooling for corrugated packaging usually refers to photopolymer print plates and steel rule cutting dies. Unless the item is digitally printed, any time you have an item with custom print it will require print plates. Cutting dies are needed when the style of the box is outside the capabilities of standard box making machinery.

Can you design a display for my product?

Yes. Our design team is current with the ever-changing market trends and have creative solutions to fit every budget. Call today for an individual consultation with one of our package designers.

Do you stock Gaylord Bins?

Yes, we stock gently used Quad-Wall Gaylord Bins. The sizes vary. More specific information is available here or by calling our office. Jumbo sized boxes in single wall or double wall board combinations can also be custom manufactured in our plant.

Do I need to order in advance to pick up stock items?

Yes, it is best to call ahead and place your order. By ordering before you arrive it will expedite any paperwork and allow for us to have your order ready.

What are my payment options?

American Box Company accepts most forms of payment including; credit card, check, and business terms with prior credit approval.