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Two women holding corrugated boxes with print showing KCMO Angels logo and KC skyline print

50% of foster homes close within one year. But through their Love Box program, KCMO Angels is seeking to provide local foster families and their children with the support and stability they need to succeed. We were excited to be able to help their cause by designing and donating boxes for their program!

The Love Box program partners volunteers with foster families. These volunteers provide consistent support throughout the year by forming connections with the foster family and children. They support them with monthly “Love Boxes” full of school supplies, activities, pantry items, and more. They also stay in communication with the family, providing encouragement and meeting needs as they arise.

American Box was proud to help KCMO Angels by donating the boxes used in the Love Box program. The boxes proudly display KCMO Angels and Love Box logos and feature lineart of the KC skyline. As KCMO Angels continue in their important mission, it is our hope that the boxes help spread awareness of their cause and spark joy in Love Box recipients. Find out more about the Love Box program here: https://www.kcmoangels.org/lovebox 

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