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The Need: Custom Insert Design

When Apple Pie Painting first approached us to help design packaging for their painting kits, we knew that they would need a creative insert design. Their kits would contain 10 paints, paintbrushes, a palette, instructions, and one of two differently sized canvases. The insert would need to provide protection for all of the contents. It would also have to accommodate either of the two canvases and provide a fun unboxing experience, all while avoiding making the assembly too difficult.

a cutting die for a custom insert design
cutting die for the insert
custom insert for painting supplies with large canvas
the larger canvas size

The Solution

The American Box team loves a good challenge. One of our talented team members and resident insert genius, Michele Sickles, swiftly crafted an insert to meet all of the requirements. The finished insert was crafted out of a single piece of corrugated for reduced cost and easier assembly. It could accommodate both the small and large canvas sizes, and came pre-glued for speedy assembly.

More About Apple Pie Painting

April, Joey, and their team are committed to bringing unique artistic experiences to the KC Metro community. At their large group painting events they take a personalized approach, focusing on helping each person that paints with them feel confident and have fun creating memories and masterpieces. They also sell a variety of pet painting kits for individual and family fun. Check them out at applepiepainting.com.

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