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Box Styles & Flutes

an overview of the most common corrugated box styles & flutes used in packaging
corrugated flutes: E flute - one sixteenth inch, B flute - one eighth inch, C flute - three sixteenths inch

Corrugated Flutes

The flute designation calls out the thickness of the overall corrugated board and the flute size – There are a variety of flute sizes available for different applications (For strength information see ECT or Mullen in the glossary)

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

An RSC is the most common box style – All flaps are the same length, with the long flaps meeting in the middle

Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

A variation of the RSC, the top & bottom flaps completely overlap to the edge of the box for additional strength and protection

Half Slotted Container (HSC)

Half-Slotted Container (HSC)

This is an RSC minus a set of flaps on the top or bottom – Two correctly sized HSCs can also be used as a top and bottom telescoping set

Front Loading Box Style

End Loading RSC / FOL

An RSC or FOL that has been flipped to allow for end loading – Corrugation direction can also be changed to maintain strength

One Piece Folder (OPF)

One Piece Folder (OPF)

This design creates a sealed container out of a single unglued sheet, excellent for shipping small to large flat items & books

Telescoping Trays

Telescoping Trays - Body & Lid

The telescoping tray body and lid is a two-piece box style that can allow for some variation in the depth of the item you are packaging

Indestructo Box Style


One of the toughest die-cut mailers around – Great protection for shipping, can be configured with a variety of different closures, flaps, tabs, and locks

Roll End Tuck Front (RETF)

Rolled End Tuck Front - (RETF)

This resealable mailer has many different names and applications – The tabs, tucks, and flaps (a.k.a.- dust flaps, dog ears or cherry locks) can be configured to suit your specific need

5 Panel Folder (5PF)

Five Panel Folder (FPF) or (5PF)

This design is quick and easy to assemble. When sealed, three of the sides are double thickness – It is good for long items

End-Roll Corrugated Tray

End Roll Tray

A tray that folds together without the use of tape or adhesive – It is a flexible design with many possible variations

Glued Corrugated Tray

Pre-Glued Tray

This tray is supplied with the corners preglued and folded inside – It can be set up instantly, saving labor and without the need for tape or adhesive – Often used as a plant or beverage tray

See Different Box Styles in Action!