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How to Fold a Swing in Rollover Mailer Box

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About this Box Style:

Swing in Rollover (SWIRO) Mailer boxes, also called “indestructo” boxes, are some of the toughest mailers out there. They can be modified with a large variety of tabs, locks, and closures to ensure product protection and provide different unboxing experiences. They also lend themselves well to print, with a large amount of visible area for branding and marketing.

How to Fold a Swing in Rollover Mailer Box

  1. Fold back up

    To start, lay the flat box with the panel that will become the front of the box facing you. You will see a score line around midway through the box, counting down from the front of the box, this will be the second long horizontal score line. Fold the box 90° along this line.swing in rollover illustration: back panel folds up

  2. Fold the sides inward

    Next, fold the side panels inward. The bottom flaps of these panels will slide on top of the base of the box and meet in the middle.swing in rollover illustration: side panels fold in

  3. Fold the front up and in

    Fold the side flaps of the front panel upward. Then fold the panel up along the long horizontal score line, tucking the side flaps inside the boxswing in rollover illustration: front panel folds up and flaps fold in

  4. Fold the side panel flaps down

    Next, fold the side panel flaps down over the front panel flaps you just folded into the box. Press the tabs of the side panels into the cutouts in the bottom of the box, locking them in place.indestructo box illustration: side panel flaps fold down

  5. Fold the lid

    Swing in Rollover Boxes can have a variety of lid styles. For the style of lid depicted here, fold the lid down and tuck the lid flap inside the box. Then, insert the tab in the front of the box into the slot in the lid to lock it in place.indestructo box illustration: lid closes

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