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About this Box Style:

1-2-3 bottom boxes, also known as snap lock boxes, allow for easy assembly without the need to tape the bottom of the box. They can be configured with a wide variety of top styles and closures as well, from an rsc top, to tuck tops, to locking closures. Depending on the style of top, these boxes can often be assembled without the need for any tape when used for retail, and are more secure than tuck bottom boxes.

How to Fold a 1-2-3 Bottom Box

  1. Pop box open

    To start, place the box with the bottom facing towards you and pop it open like a standard corrugated box.

  2. Fold largest flap down

    You will see four flaps at the bottom of the box. Fold the largest of these flaps (it should have two straight sides and a cutout in the middle) down, toward the center of the bottom of the box.1-2-3 bottom box illustration: large flap folds down

  3. Fold side flaps in

    Next, fold the two side flaps in, and tuck the ridges of these flaps into the cutout in the first flap you folded. This will help lock them in place.1-2-3 bottom box illustration: side panels fold in

  4. Fold remaining flap in

    Fold the remaining flap upward, and tuck its tab behind the other folded flaps, locking the bottom together.1-2-3 bottom box illustration: remaining flap folds up and in

  5. Finishing the box

    The finished 1-2-3 bottom should resemble the following. If the style of box top requires closing, fold the top of the box closed.1-2-3 bottom box illustration: finished box

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