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How to Fold a Roll End Tuck Front Mailer Box

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About this Box Style:

Roll End Tuck Front (RETF) Mailer boxes are some of the most common e-commerce mailers out there and with good reason. These boxes allow for a stellar unboxing experience, and can provide great protection for most product types. This also style lends itself well to built-in or separate inserts as well as inside-outside printing, providing the ultimate in product presentation and protection.

How to Fold a Roll End Tuck Front Mailer Box

  1. Fold front and back

    To start, fold the front and back panels of the box upward. You will see two flaps on either end of these panels. Fold these flaps inward, toward the center of the box.roll end tuck front illustration: front and back panels fold upward

  2. Fold sides

    While keeping the front and back in place, fold the side panels of the box up and over the front and back flaps. Tuck the tabs on the side panels into the bottom of the box, locking them into place.roll end tuck front illustration: side panels fold up and over, tucking into bottom of box

  3. Fold the lid

    To close the box, simply fold the lid down over the box. You will see two “ears” on either side of the front flap. Fold these inward, toward the box, and fold the front flap downward, tucking the ears into the sides of the box.illustration: lid of box folds downward

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